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Need badly 2003 kodiak 400 cdi box

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Need badly 2003 kodiak 400 cdi box

Postby WHISTLE69 » Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:27 pm

My son was riding my neighbors quad along with his son while he was at work,......i guess without the boys fathers permission.....long story but anyways......i guess they were raising the plow up and down or something,,,,,and the black wire off of his coil melted and burnt alot of wires......we replaced a few and put a new coil cause it was shot.........but i think the cdi box is bad......there is very weak spark only for a few seconds then it's gone.......and coming outta the box where the orange wire would be there is very little too so it's got to be the cdi box.........if anyone has one please get back to me.......neighborhood is in a uproar...

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