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Chinese Import ATV VS Name Brand ATV

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Chinese Import ATV VS Name Brand ATV

Postby nevadapowersports-com » Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:38 pm

Chinese Import ATVs VS Name Brand ATVs

Let's face it, not everybody has the cash to put out for a top of the line Honda or Yamaha ATV, an Artic Cat, Bombardier or Polaris. And even the smaller models are relatively expensive. But you still want a ride so you keep looking around. Recently a variety of Chinese manufactured ATVs have become available. These ATVs are generally much cheaper than comparable well known brands. Out of those Chinese Manufactures, Roketa has became the main player, it cover almost every models you can find in the brand names.
It is possible to buy one of these machines at a fraction of the price of a comparable Japanese machine. The Chinese ATV may not be as refined in all areas and may not have the same level of quality, but they can offer a tremendous bang for your buck in terms of features for the money. If you don't plan to run your machine a lot, then the difference in quality may not be that important. However, if you are planning to work with your machine every day and rack up a lot of hours, then you want to make extra sure that you are buying a good quality machine. If you are in the market for an ATV and are looking for Roketa ATVs for sale or other Chinese brands, then be sure to buy one from a reputable dealer. Check out their parts supply chain. Do your homework up front and then make a choice that will offer you the best deal for your hard earned money. Thankfully, you can get a lot of machine for your money. Just be careful. Make sure they really do have parts available, and try to find other people that bought the particular Chinese ATV brand you are considering, and see what their experience has been.
Chinese Import ATVs sells at least 1,500 ATVs and ATV parts every day, and if you do quick calculation, that would work out to be 46,500 ATVs and ATV parts a day nationwide. Read?every day! Now, doesn抰 it make you wonder why Chinese ATVs are flying off the shelves so quickly? Doesn抰 it make you wonder why so many ATV fans are opting for the import ATVs? ATVs, in general, started off as a machine that could be used for work in farms and areas where loading and unloading is required. And in such instances, quality is important. And for this very reason, Chinese Import ATVs make perfect sense. Instead of catering one specific need of an ATV enthusiast, Roketa, Tank, Red Cat, Jackel ATV importers produce ATVs that are flexible and unique in every sense of the word. The parts for the chinese ATV are hard to find, it became an issue of every ATV distributors. Therefore you got to go to the right manufacture for the parts. Below are some of the factories with good parts supplies:

Roketa, Red Cat, Kymco, BMS, New Star. If you guys looking for one specific part of those companies, you can find the information on my site.

Similar to Chinese motorcycles, it is important to do some research to try to determine which Chinese factory produced the ATV you are considering. Make sure that you also explore the parts supply, so that you can be better assured that you will be able to repair your ATV in the future. There are a lot of dealers with Roketa ATVs for sale, but just make sure that the dealer you are working with actually has parts available. Some people with Roketa ATVs for sale (and other Chinese brands) claim to have parts, but the reality is that many of them do NOT actually have them in stock. If they can get them, then it will often be weeks or MONTHS before you will actually get them... IF you ever get them. Keep this in mind while searching for Roketa ATVs for sale. Keep that in mind for any Chinese vehicle! It's no good having a machine that is 99% complete, but have 1 small part prevent you from being able to ride. Just make sure (very sure) that you can get parts! Try to figure out a way to verify the dealer's parts availability more than just asking: "Do you have parts?".
Some of these ATVs are powered by small 2 stroke engines (like 50cc) with automatic CVT transmissions. Typically the small Chinese ATV have the 2 stroke engines and CVT transmission. As you go bigger in size and engine displacement, then the bigger Chinese ATV can come with 150cc, 200cc, 250cc, and larger 4 stroke engines. Many are rear wheel drive. Some of these have manual shift, manual clutch, multi-speed transmissions and there are even some 250cc twin cylinder powered machines. Almost all of the engines found in these machines are clones of Japanese engines (which is a good thing), so the basic designs can be very good. The engines found in Chinese ATV can be air cooled, forced (fan) air cooled, or water cooled. As long as the factory that manufactured the engine had good quality standards, then these engines should serve well for many years if they are properly maintained

Roketa, Tank, Red Cat, BMS have been in the business for quite sometime, and they have great source in china to get parts. Among them, Roketa ATVs' parts are easy to find and that is why they are so popular among ATV users. Many end user get impression that Roketa does not offer any warranty parts, which is not true. Roketa does offer warranty parts to their dealers, if you bought anything online, you need to go through the online dealers to get parts. It is the same for every Chinese ATV dealers.
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Postby auzzie » Sun Jan 28, 2007 5:58 pm

Do yourself a favour. SAVE THE MONEY AND BUY WELL KNOWN ATV MODELS. Im talking from experience. Got stung myself. :evil:
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import atv

Postby terrer » Sun Jan 28, 2007 9:58 pm

2to1 the atvs from china are made for kids. i got my daughter a 110 cc out the door for $900.00. shes had it for 3 years and the only thing i have had to do is change a spark plug(my fault) i fluded it out. she came down a 50 deg hill and did a endo ,and the only thing that needed to be fixed was a frunt fender and her pride :oops: . for the price when it takes a %#&^$ ill get her a new one and use the old one for parts.
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Knock-off brands

Postby _brownie_ » Fri Mar 16, 2007 7:45 pm

No matter how cheap these bikes are they still are not worth the money. I recently bought one and many things broke, including: the shocks, the clutch cable, the plastics. both headlights, and a right footrest. Plus it didn't come with a manual. And when the first thing broke (I think it was a headlight.) we called the dealer and he said he didn't deal with or sell that brand of atv anymore. After searching for parts I finally found some in Arizona. But I live in Canada. :evil:
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Postby toad » Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:12 pm

I bought a chinese made newstar 90 for my daughter and so far i haven't had any problems with it, for $657. out the door i can't complain.
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Postby auzzie » Tue Apr 03, 2007 5:42 pm

I hope you have no problems with it, but I was thinking of the safety side of letting your kids ride a cheaply made machine. I know with riding a ATV ( name brands only. eg:honda, yamaha, suzuki, polaris ,etc) it is usually the operators error that causes accidents and not the machine its sell. But with a cheaper made ATV, not saying it will, but i hope it doesn't fall apart while riding it. cheers 8)
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Postby icuucme37 » Sat Nov 03, 2007 11:15 am

Well I am not a dealer of Chinese ATV's, but I do own one. I am not here to push either Name-Brand or Chinese ATV's. But I have started a review of the Roketa ATV-61 in the "Other" section of the forums.

So if you are looking at buying a Chinese ATV and want a honest review of one check it out. Most of the review or opinions you find of Chinese ATV's are from dealer's or someone that rides a Name-Brand bike, so you can't really use either of their reviews/opinions. Seeing how one is here to sell bikes and ones here to bash them.

In this review I will not tell you to buy Name Brand/Chinese, just my own expenance with my bike, Roteka ATV-61 which is a knock-off of the Polaris Predator
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Postby scrowba » Sat Nov 03, 2007 3:39 pm

I have recently got 2 for my kids. A Yamoto 110cc and a Kazuma 150cc. I paid less than $1,000 in total for both of them. They (including me) ride them in our yard and woods and have a great time on them. They know that every couple of days after riding, they get pulled in the garage for a safety check of loose bolts... Shouldn't you do that with a Name Brand ATV also? For the money and the fun we have had so far, no question in my mind that it doesn't matter what the name on the 4 wheeler is, but how it is kept. :lol:
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Postby jnewell123 » Sat Nov 03, 2007 8:11 pm

scrowba wrote:I have recently got 2 for my kids. A Yamoto 110cc and a Kazuma 150cc. I paid less than $1,000 in total for both of them. They (including me) ride them in our yard and woods and have a great time on them. They know that every couple of days after riding, they get pulled in the garage for a safety check of loose bolts... Shouldn't you do that with a Name Brand ATV also? For the money and the fun we have had so far, no question in my mind that it doesn't matter what the name on the 4 wheeler is, but how it is kept. :lol:
Parts an dealer repairs can be a problem an cheaper parts are used often short cuts to save. Lots of fun not real high performance either. If you are going to do thousands of hours upgrade soon before breakdowns an make sure you use stable in gas when Quad is setting in the garage for a while gaskets will leak an float bowls will stick.
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Postby Raptor700RSE » Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:38 pm

Good idea for small quads, bad idea for anything over 200cc's IMO.
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Postby keval85 » Sat Nov 10, 2007 8:28 am

I believe owning a China quad is like owning a 60,s British motorcycle(you have to be mechanically inclined)My son bought a 150cc China quad and the thing that surprised me is that it came with signal lights and a horn,makes me wonder if the Chinese think we North Americans drive these things only on the road like a scooter,maybe that is why they are a little light in some areas.If you ever built a gocart as a kid you will be happy with a China quad,If you take your car to a garage for every little problem then your going to be a China basher,if you enjoy upgrading and fabricating and tinkering with machines these things are perfect.Parts are easily found all over the internet.If you buy a Chinese ATV,give it a couple of hours of prep time,Locktite ,electrical grease on connectors,adjust the chain,change out all lubercating fluids a couple of times.Bearings can be had at a bearing supply retailer(they are standard size) when they wear out,make sure all wires and cables are routed properly and pull tie them to the frame,pull the drums and clean with brake clean and flush the brake fluid out and replace with a better quality and ditch the factory air box and get a UNI filter and replace the spark plug with a NGK and adjust the carb as 90% of the time these quads are set to lean.One thing I should mention some quads are shipped with a gel pack in the float bowl,so starting for the first time let it idle for 30 minutes to dissolve the gel and have fun
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Re: Chinese Import ATV VS Name Brand ATV

Postby » Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:58 pm

We are Dealer in ks. We used to deal in roketa and your right they do have a good product, We just had problems gettiing parts and still would like to carry a few models, any ideas of a good supplier? We currently distrubute taotao and warehouse the parts, they been a good product but they dont have a full line, we would like to carry that 250cc roketa dirt bike....Steve
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Re: Chinese Import ATV VS Name Brand ATV

Postby revslev » Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:24 am

My wife and I took our Outbacks (TGB made in Tiawan) out today with a couple of our friends. One on a 200cc Polaris and another on their Bombadier (monster motor), don't remember what model. It was great. I had no problem keeping up on the trails with the speedy polaris and my wife had my daughter on the back of hers (425 camo) and had no problem keeping up with the Bombadier. We hit mud, snow, name it, we hit it, caught lots of air. These machines are great...I was slower off the dead stop than the quick one, but had no problem catching up to it and matching its speed, additionally, my friends arms started to get tired with all the ruts and turns we were making, I felt no arm fatigue and in 4wd it took whatever I threw at it. All I can say about this machine is that the popular names out there better watch out. This machine has taken Europe by storm with the models they have released over there and I have no doubt that they will soon take the USA by storm as well. Only issue to date is that it can be hard to find parts for her and the big name stores don't want to work on them. I have found an all around ATV mechanic that works on them about 35 minutes from where I live, and have a parts supplier (although sometimes a burden to get him on track) to get me what I need.
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Re: Chinese Import ATV VS Name Brand ATV

Postby stoopidbot » Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:27 am

That's cool that you found some that work for you. Those brands are completely hit or miss. I have seen welds break, bolts missing, and brackets that just fall off. I know people that have been riding the same Honda since 1989. Thats almost 20 years running strong! I would say the extra buck is for it.
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Re: Chinese Import ATV VS Name Brand ATV

Postby deathcorefan2 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:20 am

my friends parents, who have a lot of kids, bought 5 of these off brands, like two 90s two 110s and a 200. there is one 90 left.

you get my point.
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