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September 15, 2008
By: Dustin Tenney

Can the Gorilla survive a summer of punishment? (part 2)

We have had our 3,000 lb Gorilla winch on our Grizzly all summer long, and it has endured some serious punishment. Our goal was to see if this bargain-price winch could really compare to the more expensive and well-known competition. During our tests, we've been buried in both snow and mud, which leads us to the obvious questions. Could this winch save the day, and was it really waterproof?

First impressions

gorilla winch snow We first installed the Gorilla winch in early Spring, just after experiencing a classic late-season Minnesota snowstorm. Piles of wet, heavy snow gave us ample opportunity to test our new rig, and we were quickly mired in a monstrous snowbank. It was finally time to see the bargain winch in action. While it ultimately proved itself powerful enough, the short story is that we were unable to get out of the thick snow using the winch alone. We hooked it to my 5,000 lb S10, but the poor Grizzly didn't budge. The winch did, however, manage the equally impressive feat of dragging the truck. Needless to say, in most situations, the Gorilla winch is a highly capable machine.

More challenges

gorilla winch logs We have had our grizzly stuck in the mud, hung up on logs, and buried to the seat. In every case the mighty Gorilla pulled us out with no problems. Even when the winch was under water or mud it pulled us out. The synthetic rope made all these situations much easier. It is simply more manageable than the steel cable, and contrary to prior belief, it held up well despite the conditions and repeated abuse. Our only real concern after numerous uses is where the rope connects to the hook. Even so, with the low price of replacement, I think it is a nice upgrade over the steel cable. For your enjoyment we have taken video in HD of some of our more memorable moments. Watch for yourself as the Gorilla gets us out of some sticky situations.

gorilla winch logs gorilla winch mud

Final thoughts

Popular wisdom states that "you get what you pay for," but that may not apply in this particular case. We replaced a Warn 2500 that served us well, but after a long, tough summer, the cheaper Gorilla has proven that it is ready to challenge the industry leaders. The big advantage for Gorilla of course is the price. If you want to save money and get great performance and above-average reliability, the Gorilla delivers. We are continuing a longer term test of this winch, heaping on the punishment. Will it continue to survive? Stay tuned to find out.

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